Freebie Character Worksheet: Getting to Know Your Main Character

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Freebie Character Worksheet: Getting to Know Your Main Character

It’s important to know your main character inside and out. In order to write him or her believably, you must be able to tell the readers what he / she is thinking, how they would react to a situation, and even what they like to wear.

If your main character is just in the beginning stages (or even if you’re looking to do a little character soul searching), take a minute to fill out this freebie worksheet! It will allow you to think hard about what your character loves, wants, and truly desires. Once you have this filled out, you’re on the right track to getting to know your character even better.

This is in no way the only character building exercise you should do, but it’s a solid start to begin your love affair with your fictional character.


Jolene Haley, Jolene Haley, @JoleneHaley

One Comment

  1. Thanks for this great worksheet. I love your worksheets. Looking forward to using it.


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