A Few Changes (Muse KJ’s Big News)

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A Few Changes (Muse KJ’s Big News)

When you hear about big news from a writer, what do you expect?

A book deal? A self-publishing announcement? An agent announcement?

Sorry to throw a curveball at you, but…I am a writer after all. It’s none of those.

Guess again!


Pen & Muse turned two years old this October. TWO YEARS. Pen & Muse is officially a toddler. A lot of things have changed since we started – and there’s plans for more fun changes in the future.

There’s also some biiiiiig changes for Muse KJ – which means a temporary shift in how things are going to work around here.


So what’s Muse KJ’s big news?

(If you don’t want spoilers, you may want to scroll through these hints one by one!)


  • I spend large amounts of my time accidentally napping just about everywhere.
  • I’m suddenly more fickle than a girl in a badly written love triangle.
  • The first thing that happens when I enter a room (of people I know) is that someone immediately tells me to sit down.
  • If you so much as cough, I will look suspiciously at you and grab my hand sanitizer.
  • I forget things faster than you can say “What was I doing?”
  • I now buy pickles by the gallon.
  • Mr. Muse KJ knows the fastest route to get to Wendys because sometimes a girl just needs a cheeseburger, and by a cheeseburger I mean a number one with extra pickles, take the lettuce off at home, I’m going to eat all your fries, and the entire time I eat these vanilla frosty I’m going to loudly exclaim how strange it still is that I want vanilla and not chocolate.


Did you guess it?




If you guessed that there’s a mini-muse growing inside of me, you’re right!

(Translation: I’m 15 weeks pregnant.)

Muse-KJ-StockingMini-muse also means a lot of changes. A lot of planning. And not so much time to do it. The last 4 weeks have been particularly rough with two bouts of random illnesses. (And I assure you the last thing you want to hear from your doctor is “And if X happens, you should find your way to the ER pretty fast.”)

I’ve pretty quickly come to the conclusion that I don’t have time…or the energy to do everything. Which unfortunately means that you’ll be seeing less of me around P&M for awhile. (Let’s be honest, I know you haven’t seen much of me in the past 12 weeks.)

I’m still going to pop in for time to time with a review (and if we’re lucky, maybe even a post or two), but I’ll be taking a leave until at least a few months after Mini-Muse makes the grand arrival in June.

Until June, I’ll be doing all the planning, all the bossing around of the family for home renovations + nursery creation (sorry Dad! You’re my official carpenter now.), all of the sleeping, reading all the pregnancy + newborn + what the heck do I do books, and if all goes well squeezing in a course on author publicity + book marketing. Because let’s face it, whether you publish traditionally, indie, or self publish, you want to know what you can do to boost book sales and publicity.

If you’d like to get more details on the release of Author Marketing Made Easy, or would even like to beta it, sign up for updates here! (Beta = early access, cheaper price, more one on one with me, life access to all other versions, additions, and updates + you give me your feedback, suggestions, demands….)

Anddddd if you’d like to introduce me to your favorite baby books or blogs, I certainly wouldn’t say no to the suggestions!

Wishing you a happy + successful 2015,

Kristen Jett, YA writer, and co-founder of Pen and Muse.


  1. Yaaaaaay! Congrats, Mama!!


    • Thaaaaaanks! (Also be amused that the Mister has decided after watching Stardust that he likes the name Tristan.)

  2. Congratulations!! *gives you all the gentle hugs* ;)

  3. Congrats!!

  4. Congrats girl!!!! So exciting!

  5. Congrats, you’ll be the best mama ever! ❤️

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