Up & Coming Author Stars To Watch Out For, Part I

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Up & Coming Author Stars To Watch Out For, Part I

You know when you talk to another writer and either 1) They have the best ideas and writing style ever or 2) They have insane drive or maybe they have both and you just know that they will make all of their dreams come true?

That’s what I want to celebrate.

I’ve hand chosen several of my absolute favorite writers to showcase here. Some of them already have books out and some of their releases will be coming in 2015. Shine up my crystal ball and call my Miss Jolo because I’m predicting nothing but success for these babes.

Watch out 2015 because you may not be able to handle the glow of these stars!

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Amy Trueblood

Amy-TruebloodThis chica has more talent in her pinky than I do in my whole hand. I’ve read only snippets of her work but let me tell you, she is insanely talented and her writing is incredible! Not to mention that she’s also super kind and a salsa fiend like I am, so naturally I think she’s fantastic.

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 Riki Cleveland

d0fvKAtpThe amount of drive and determination that Riki has, including the million different things that she’s involved in make me feel like the sky is the limit for this lovely lady. She’s driven, intelligent, hilarious, and just one of those genuinely fantastic human beings that make you want to be a better one yourself. Watch out for Riki. She’s coming at you fast and furious (but not really furious, more like sweetly with puppy cuddles).

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 Mari Wells

Mari WellsMari is one of the coolest most incredible people I’ve met. Not only is she insanely driven and dedicated but she is always writing and coming up with the coolest ideas. She’s also super helpful and the first person to offer help when you need it most. She is destined for great things.

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 Kristen Strassel

Kristen StrasselThis woman is a writing machine! Every time I feel good about my word count I look over at Kristen and she’s already left me WWAAAYYY behind in the dust. Kristen is basically my superhero of the writing world. She’s a fantastic writer and she’s one of those people that MAKE IT HAPPEN. Hats off to Kristen and a successful 2015!

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 Cara Vescio

Cara Elizabeth, C. Elizabeth Vescio, Elegantly WastedCara is one of those people who is a triple threat. She’s not only a fantastic writer, she’s driven, AND she’s one of the most talented graphic designers I’ve ever seen! The average novel length for this chica is like 100,000 words and she simply blows my mind. Did I mention that she finds her own models for the books she’s writing and photographs them? How cool is that?! She’s destined for (even more) success!

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Last but not least…

Julie Hutchings

julieJulie is one of my favorite writers ever. Her writing style is smoother than silk and her ideas are mind blowing. She’s been kind enough to let me read one of her current novels and I’ve been honest when I say that it’s my favorite book since Harry Potter. So let that sink in because there’s literally nothing I love more than Harry Potter. Not even coffee. She’s mega hilarious and kind, not to mention super busy, but she still finds the time to be kind and awesome. Favorite author alert here people. 2015 will be just a tiny stepping stone in her success.

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I’m compiling a part two right now but in the meantime, do you have someone to nominate? Why them? Let me know in the comments below!

Jolene Haley, Jolene Haley, @JoleneHaley


  1. Thanks, Jolene! I can’t wait to see what YOU do in 2015!

  2. I have the pleasure of following two of your upcoming-stars and I concur 100%
    Miss Riki and Miss Cara – I predict awesomeness!

  3. Jolene, I love you! Thank you for including me. I am truly flattered :)

  4. Thank you so much, Jolene. I’m honored to be included in you list. :D

  5. Yes! I love Riki and Amy! All these ladies are wonderful. But I also can’t wait to see what you and Kirsten do too! You ladies are amazing! <3

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