The Dunk Tank Illustration by S.P. McConnell

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The Dunk Tank Illustration by S.P. McConnell


You! I remember you! You’ve come back to the Dark Carnival!  Well, welcome back. I hope you’re having a great time. After all, the Dark Carnival is such a scream, isn’t it?

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The Dark Carnival

The Dunk Tank (illustration)

 by S.P. McConnell


Dunk Tank

Isn’t this gorgeous? When Sean sent this to me, I practically fainted. Let him know how much you love it in the comments below or on twitter!

S.P. (Sean) McConnell

S.P. (Sean) McConnell is an author, illustrator, interior designer and custom mural artist. His work has been featured in numerous publications including Dragon Magazine, The Austin American Statesman and Unique Homes. Some of his clients include TSR, Wizards of the Coast, M.A.D.D., The Recording Arts Foundation and The Sacred Works Project. He has been displayed in numerous galleries including Scottsdale, Sedona, Austin and Santa Fe. Sean is also fortunate to be featured in many personal art collections. Sean is the author of S.P.O.O.K. a YA cross-over horror/action series. He also writes and illustrates picture books including a monstrous celebration of Halloween. S.P. is currently working on a secret new horror project depriving him of sleep. He is repped by the fabulous Terrie Wolf of AKA Literary LLC. Sean currently haunts the suburbs of Austin where he lives with his lovely wife, son, two cats and a leopard gecko. To learn more about S.P., please visit or follow him on Twitter @SP_McConnell



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  1. Awesome, Sean. Love the creepy kids.

  2. Love it! Kinda wish I could put some people in it!

  3. Gives me the chills!

  4. So proud, so pleased…so creepy!

  5. OMG, Sean, that is INCREDIBLE!!!

  6. Spooky! Love it, Sean! The target for an eye is awesome!

  7. *shivers* creepy kids. Hehe nice!! The kid with the apple scares the crud out of me!!

  8. love the drawing!!!!! I so wish I could do that!!!!!

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