Freebie: Scrivener Fiction Writing Template

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Freebie: Scrivener Fiction Writing Template

Remember all that talk about Scrivener yesterday?


Well, you better get caught up. You’re going to need it.

Really. But it’s a good thing.

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If you’ve been following Summer School faithfully (which you have, right?), you know each course comes with a related freebie.

If you’ve been following Muse KJ (in a non-creepy manner, please. She tends to use her large purses as weapons if excited.), you’ll know she’s absolutely devoted to her Scrivener. Devoted.

When those combine, what do you get?



No, not Captain Planet. Sorry. But just as good.


Freebie: Scrivener Writing Template

One of the things I love about Scrivener is that you can make your own templates – which means you can adjust for different projects.

So, what’s in this Scrivener template?

  • A few tips from KJ
  • Scene worksheets
  • Character worksheets (with an example from KJ! Feel free to use and abuse this character anyway you like – just tell me about it.)
  • Setting worksheet

Scrivener Fiction Template

Sold yet? Grab it now! Once you download the zip file, you’ll have to unzip it – and then load the template into your Scrivener templates. (From the main menu, find the options dropdown, and select “Import template”.)

(Further directions can be found here, from Belinda Crawford.)

Kristen Jett, YA writer, and co-founder of Pen and Muse.

PS: Feel free to leave feedback of what you DO want and don’t want in a template – I may add a few variations!


  1. When I try to get it, I just get a huge page of numbers……seems we need some very esoteric app to obtain this…..????

    • You need to have Scrivener, either OS X or Windows. Go over to the Literature & Latte website to download it.

    • We had a server issue originally because it was getting so many downloads – I repackaged it as a zip file, and it should be fine now.

  2. Was just about to open up this zip file and thought I’d ask; is it geared to the Mac version or the Windows version of Scrivener? Does it make a difference?

    • Oops – my last response got eaten. I made it on the Mac version, but it shouldn’t matter.

  3. I just dl it to my mac. Opened it, and then imported to Scrivener Fiction. It works! Thanks so much for the template!

  4. Awesome! Can’t wait to try it. Thanks!

    • Feel free to come back and let me know how it works for you!

  5. Thanks, Kristen sharing with my anthology group!


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