Staying Healthy During Nanowrimo

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Staying Healthy During Nanowrimo

How To Stay Healthy During Nanowrimo


It’s day eight of the quest to 50K. How far are you? More importantly, how healthy are you?

Odd question, maybe? Maybe not if you noticed how many times in the twitter feed, people are muttering about how they know Nanowrimo will make them sick.


1. Take water breaks!

Do you know your brain doesn’t work as well if you’re dehydrated? And do you know what happens when your brain doesn’t work all that well? Awesome scenes become confusing “What was I supposed to do here?” scenes. Even worse, headaches and migraines could come out to play, keeping you even further from your writing goal. Tea breaks are acceptable too – just make sure you break up with the coffee IV flow with some other liquids.


2. Set an alarm for each hour.

Got that done? Okay, good. When that buzzer or Miley Cyrus song* goes off, get up and do a little dance. Do some stretches. Prevent carpal tunnel, people. Carpal tunnel is not your friend!  While you’re at, pad your

*Feel free to use another song. My own alarms just happen to be Party in the USA or Calling of the Bells. There’s the #EmbarrassingKJFact of the Day.

3. Wash your hands often.

Wash your keyboard and your mouse too. Keep germs away! Bonus, this lets you stretch your hands and warm them up – assuming you use warm water.


4. Eat! (Is this a given?)

Are you eating? Better yet, are you eating things better than cold beans out of a can?

Unless your characters demand sugary snacks, try to have some healthy snacks. Walnuts are supposed to be brain food, right?


5. Be Kind to Yourself

Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up!   You’re doing what you can. Are you doing more than you normally do? Are you accomplishing something? Then you’re doing great. There’s no need to fatigue yourself or make December become National Heal Your Broken Writer Body Month.

As the Nanowrimo thermos says, ” A healthy writer makes a healthy novel.” And could a thermos be wrong?


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