How We Muse

How We Muse

How do we muse?

How will our musings help you muse?

What will you find here?


Just like the craft of writing, Pen & Muse will always be an ever-changing site filled with tools you need to be successful as an author. Some sites focus on just writing and some on just one genre. We want to change that. To succeed as a writer, it isn’t just about the prose anymore. You have to know how to market, how to brand, how to keep your readers interested in you.


We write our best when we have all the tools that we need to succeed, enough sleep, and inspiration! We’re inspired by so many different things: coffee (yum), music and lyrics, poetry, daily life, and meeting lots of different writers. With that said, we want to share some of our daily musings with you! Plan on getting writing advice, great giveaways like book critiques and arcs from your favorite authors, and musings to keep you inspired! Life can be hard, but with Pen & Muse, writing doesn’t have to be.