Muse Mission

The Muse Mission

 Our Muse Mission?  To provide everything a writer needs to succeed, from specific genre information to marketing and branding tips. Sometimes you need knowledge. Sometimes you need inspiration.  What else are muses for?


Once upon a time, there was a chat conversation.

Muse Kristen: “So…I have this idea. You want to hear about it?”

Muse Jolene: I’m down.

Muse Kristen:So you follow lots of writing blogs, right? Do you ever feel like you’re missing things because there’s so many you forget to check everything? In the current world, succeeding isn’t just about your writing (unless you’re J.K. of course), so maybe you follow marketing and branding blogs too, trying to piece together what works for you, and what fits for writers and authors.  Now, what if you could get all that information in one place, from a group of people with a variety of skills and expertise?  Maybe the same place can even offer you suggested resources that they’ve used themselves, that sort of thing.

Muse Jolene: I love you. (She didn’t say this, but she was thinking it).