Museprompt: Your Main Character, Their Crush, and a Bedroom

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Museprompt: Your Main Character, Their Crush, and a Bedroom

Some of my favorite scenes in any books are the ones that are oozing with sexual tension.

Maybe the main character finally has a minute alone with her crush. Maybe two people share their first kiss. Maybe there’s an interrupted moment between two characters that you really want to see end up together.

I hope you’ve had your coffee because today will be all about sexual tension.

You’re welcome.

Museprompt: Your main character, their crush, and a bedroom.


Write a scene where your main character finds themselves in a bedroom with their crush. They could be investigating a strange noise. Or maybe they’re studying together. Or perhaps he or she is a carpenter fixing something in their bedroom. Or maybe getting that particular person in a bedroom was their intention all along…

However they end up there, think and explore how your main character feels. Imagine how their heart races when they realize that they have someone they desire in a bedroom, very close to a bed. Does their heart race? Do they feel like they’re going to throw up? Do they remember a bad experience? Do they remember a good experience? Do they find an excuse to leave or do they just go for it?


I love this prompt because you can learn a lot of back story and psyche from exploring this. I’d love to hear how it goes! Post your thoughts, writing, or a link to it in the comments below. I’d love to read it.

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