NanoMuse – a NaNoWriMo giveaway

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NanoMuse – a NaNoWriMo giveaway

Introducing #NanoMuse!

So you’re trying to write a novel in a month? What happens when December comes, that book’s done, and *gasp* you realize you’re in need of some serious sleep?

Well you could be happy that you won a first chapter critique from #NanoMuse. Or you could whip out an ARC you won from #NanoMuse. Or…you could just sit at home feeling overwhelmed.

We vote for the first two – in case you couldn’t tell.


So what IS NanoMuse?

NanoMuse is a NaNoWriMo giveaway! NanoMuse is our way of supporting all of you through NaNoWriMo. NanoMuse is a giant giveaway geared to writers, especially Nanowrimo writers! It doesn’t matter if you finish your novel during Novemeber or not – it’s just about supporting you.

NanoMuse a month long contest, running until December 5th, giving you plenty of time to enter to win some of our goods. There’s a ton of ways to enter from just being a follower of Pen and Muse to posting these awesome buttons on your blog sidebar. Feel free to resize the buttons as needed – as long as they’re legible, of course.

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What do you win?

Grand Prize– The Ultimate #NanoMuse package: One critique of your first chapter done by both Muses (get two points of view!), a $15 Starbucks giftcard ( to fuel the fire to keep writing and editing), book swag, and first dibs on the below book prize pack of your choice.


Prize Packs

Prize Pack #1Book giveaways, book giveaway



Prize Pack #2 Nanowrimo giveaway, Nanowrimo giveaways




Prize Pack #3 NanoMuse, #NanoMuse, #nanomuse





Prize Pack #4Pen and Muse, PenandMuse, writing blog, writing blogs





Prize Pack #5writing giveaways, writing giveaway, writing contests, writing contest





Other Prizes

Five more winners will win a 2-page critique from either Muse and some swag!

Some examples of swag, you ask?

How do you win?

It’s pretty easy! Just enter the Rafflecopter here – there’s different ways to get entries. Pay close attention -some of these entry ways you can do every day of the giveaway! Once winners are selected, we will ask you in order which pack you prefer, starting with the grand prize winner.

#NanoMuse Rafflecopter giveaway

PS: The more entries we get, the more likely we’ll add extra prizes! Anything’s possible from books to critiques, so go drum up some commotion about #NanoMuse!


To finished novels and finding all the right words,

Kristen Jett, Kristen Jett author, KristenJett, @KristenJett & Jolene Haley, Jolene Haley, @JoleneHaley


  1. Yay NaNo and giveaways! You two are awesome, have I told you that yet? I’ve decided to do my Peter Pan story for NaNo. Don’t wanna give away too much, but in a nutshell it’s how Peter Pan & Hook came to live on Neverland, a little bit of Neverland mythology, and also the reason why Peter Pan can never grow up. :)

    • Oh man Kristen! You do not even understand how pumped I am about this!! I definitely want to check it out. I have always loved Peter Pan and I love that you decided to go with this!!!! AMAZING

  2. God I love this time of year! The bounty! THE BOUNTY!


    For NaNo this year I’m cheating and using it to get some solid word count on my Steampunk WIP. We’ll see how it goes–this month is hellish (travel, holidays, packing to move way down the Eastern coast–Philly to Miami!)

    • Hehe Tina. I know what you mean! I love the bounty too! :P
      How fun! A Steampunk WIP. I haven’t read one yet, can you believe it? Good luck this month with a solid word count and good luck on the move! Sounds intense. I know moving is ALWAYS hellish. Wishing you call the best with everything!

  3. This is my first year doing NaNoWriMo, but I am rockin’ it so far. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s YA noir/horror.

    • YAY! So happy to hear you’re NaNo-ing it up! And oh man do I think I’m in love! You had me at YA noir… and horror. Basically some of my favorite things!! I think I need to NaNo stalk you to get more info. Hehe. Anywho, good luck and congrats on your first NaNo!

  4. It’s really nice of you to do this give-away :) This is my first year doing NaNoWriMo but I think I’m doing okay. I’m a little behind on my wordcount but catching up today. My strategy is just to concentrate on doing a couple of hundred words, then another couple of hundred – dividing the goal up into manageable chunks.

    My Novel is called ‘Desert Story’ (working title anyway) and it is a fantasy story set in the desert. All the characters are evil and it’s sort of a greater evil versus lesser evil story. The characters accidentally release an evil genie hell-bent on destroying the world and they have to put it back in the bottle, so to speak.

    • Hey Amuletts, thanks a lot! Thanks for entering! Congrats on your first year NaNo-ing! Happy to hear you’re doing well! I think you’re smart too to pace yourself and break it up. Doesn’t seem as hard that way, I agree! How fun that your story is set in the desert. I lived there for SO much of my life so I’m interested to hear what you’ve been writing! I also love the idea of everyone being evil…hehe. That’s a more realistic world isn’t it? Everyone has a little good and evil in them. Nice work! And if you haven’t already, add me on NaNoWriMo! My username is Carniehands . Good writing wishes your way!

  5. Aaaah I want so many of these things! You guys are awesome for doing this!

    • Hey Dahlia! Thanks so much for entering. You’re just great! There’s so much I want here too, hehe, it’s going to be hard to part. :P But part we shall! Which one are you eyeing? I’m partial to pack 2 myself. :)

      • Also, the pic is small so it’s hard to tell, but I think you’re eating ice cream in this pic… Or at least my brain is registering this, which has now made me want mint chocolate chip. Nomnomnom

  6. I am working on a novel that grew out of a short story I just submitted. It takes place on a military base I lived on for a few years in Hawaii. Sort of a coming-of-age in the midst of continuous war preparation. Not sure exactly where it’s headed, but I love it.

    • Oh! It sounds really interesting! It can be scary not knowing what will happen with you story but the good thing is that, war is unpredictable. Things in your novel could change in the turn of a hat. How’s it going with your novel now?

  7. My NaNo Novel is about a shifter named Bryan who’s old alpha is out to kill him. He meets Sam when his truck breaks down and takes it to her garage. It’s the second in the series, the first I write during the August Camp NaNoWriMo.

    • Oh nice! Look at you participating in more than one!! I give you a lot of credit. I wanted too but didn’t end up having enough time. I love the name Sam too, for a girl. That’s the name of my protagonist from my first ever NaNo novel. :) How’s your novel going so far?

  8. Thank you for the awesome giveaway! This is my first year doing Nano too, and so far it’s going great. I’m writing a YA fantasy, WINDSWEPT, about a girl who learns she can control the weather. But when she unintentionally causes a natural disaster, she fears her very existence could bear catastrophic consequences, though, so will her death.

    So far, it’s been a lot of fun to write.

    And I just have to say, I love your blog. You guys are awesome! :)

    • No problem! Thanks for the thanks! Congrats on taking the first step this year towards writing a novel in a month! What an awesome thing to be a part of! :P It does sound like a fun story to write and I just love the title of the novel! How is it going so far? Have you finished?

      • Sorry this reply is so late! I should have checked back here before :-P Windswept is going pretty well. I’ve slowed down writing a lot since November though, and am not quite finished with it. I’m at just over 60,000 words but expect to write at least another 15,000 – 20,000 before going back to revise and edit. So, the first 2 pages I sent you are most likely going to change again as I only edited that small amount for the contest so far. :-P

        Also, I saw your tweet a while ago (back in December, I think) that you were sending out the prize packages, but I haven’t received mine yet. Just making sure it wasn’t lost in the mail or if my email got sent to your spam folder instead or something. My email is sldean131[at]gmail[dot]com

        Lemme know if I need to do anything else. Thanks! :)

  9. Excited about this! I’m at 58,000+ words! Still more to write!

    • WOW Martha! That’s just incredible! Congrats on “winning” so early in the game! I’m super jealous! I think I’ll finish but it will be close! Way to go girl!


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