NaNoSpiration- NaNoWriMo Inspiration deux

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NaNoSpiration- NaNoWriMo Inspiration deux

NaNoSpiration deux!

It’s time for another dose of NaNoSpiration! NaNoWriMo Inspiration that is! In case you missed the first one, you can find it here. Our goal is to give you a fact, musing, or writing quote that can inspire you to get through your NaNoWriMo writing. The quote of the day is from the amazing Stephen King. I’ve been in love with Stephen King’s writing for a long time and I’m sure many of you feel the same. So we thought, who better to bring you NaNoSpiration than for him?

It’s easy during this month to feel the need (and like you only have time) to write. But don’t forget that to be a great writer, one needs to read. A lot. Sometimes when I’m trying to write a scene and I can’t get the mood exactly right, I’ll pick up a book that has a scene with a similar feel for what I’m going for, and I’ll study what the author did to get the point across. Maybe I’m not adding in enough dialogue. Perhaps the dialogue is too cheesy. Did I forget to describe the setting again? Is it believable  Don’t discount other novels and their ability to teach us things about our craft.

Speaking of books that teach us about our craft, if you’re not in the mood to read a fiction novel, why not pick up a book about writing? I recently read Stephen King’s book “On Writing” and it’s fabulous. I’d highly recommend it for a writer that writes in any genre. It’s part memoir and part writing muse.

Wishing you NaNoWriMo genius,

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