Nanowrimo: Stick in there! Reasons why you shouldn’t quit

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Nanowrimo: Stick in there! Reasons why you shouldn’t quit

It’s the last day of Nanowrimo!

How far are you? Are you ready to finish?

Are those some groans in the crowd?

Good thing you’ve got your Muses here for a pep talk!


 So close, but not sure you can do it? Here’s why you should.

  • To know you can. It might not be flawless, but knowing you succeeded is a great thing. You can use this motivation to get you through blocks that come with future projects. After all you did it once, why not again?
  • Createspace is giving you 5 paperback copies of your book, as long as you are a  NaNo winner. While you might not to use these as final copies, they’re perfect for edits! Keep one plain as a souvenir, mark up one, and give the other three to your critique partners!
  • If you’re writing a romance novel, Avon is specifically looking for romance Nanowrimo books to consider publishing!
  • Of course, there’s tons of other giveaways and discounts for NaNo winners – and even some for participants!


 But I’m not going to finish. I can’t get prizes.  Why should I keep writing today?

  • So you know you did all you can.
  • So you still have a realistic idea of how many words you can accomplish in a month. While you may not want to write this frantically all the time, you may realize that you can easily do half as much or a quarter of a much on a regular month. Wouldn’t that be an awesome thing to do?
  • There’s still one day left and you can see how much you can accomplish in one day with a deadline.
  • Just because you don’t finish this novel today, doesn’t mean it’s not a novel that shouldn’t be finished. Keep working on it, at Nanowrimo speed, edit it, and believe in your novel. Isn’t that the point of writing after all? To finish something that you believe in, that you’re passionate about.


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Remember, the Muses believe in you! Get to writing!

Kristen Jett, Kristen Jett author, KristenJett, @KristenJett




  1. I finished on Wednesday and yesterday was like a vacation day for me. Last year I was typing up to the end – I hate deadlines! Good luck to everybody!

    • Congrats! I will be finishing up mine today. Tick Tock! Great work! :P


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