Freebie Friday: Nanowrimo Worksheets

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Freebie Friday: Nanowrimo Worksheets

Welcome to Freebie Friday!


Today’s Freebie Friday is all about Nanowrimo worksheets!

We’ve decided that the third Friday of every month, we give you a freebie.  Since it is October, or National Novel Outlining Month, a Nanowrimo worksheet seemed right up the alley.

There’s a week left until Nanowrimo, where you yearn to finish an entire novel in one month. The easiest way to do that? Do your plotting now! Don’t wait for November and start with an entire blank slate. Start placing the puzzle pieces together, so that 12:01 on November 1st is your dash across the starting line.

So you want to muse your Nanowrimo plot? Right click the picture below, save link as, and you’ve got a snazzy plot worksheet just begging for some scribbled ink.

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Need some other Nanowrimo worksheets? That’s okay, we’ve got you covered. We hunted down some of the best worksheets to make your plotting quick and easy.


The Nanowrimo site has tons of Nanowrimo worksheets and resources, including character worksheets, character questionnaries, and plot worksheets.

I’ve been relying on Epiguide’s character worksheet for years. Just don’t ask me how many years. You know, cause a lady never…. Best part? It comes in three different formats…and you can type right in them. Perfect if you’re a digital planner and scriber.

Iconoclastic Writer has a great page on Nanowrimo worksheets, and links to everything from storyboards, to target audience sheets. There’s even some inspiring new ideas about to collage out your characters and plots.

Jenny Meyerhoff has a pretty handy character worksheet and a plotting worksheet on her writer’s page. There’s even pictures of how she plots.


Is that enough Nanowrimo worksheets for you? May the words be with you.

Happy Plotting! Is there anything else you need to make your Nanowrimo quest a success?

Kristen Jett, Kristen Jett author, KristenJett, @KristenJett




  1. What an awesome worksheet! I was definitely looking for something like this to help me start my planning! Thanks Kristen!

  2. Oh yay! Thank you for this! I’ve been procrastinating hardcore on my NaNo outline. Will be printing this out tomorrow and figuring out which novel I will be working on.

    • Bahaha! Seriously. I’ve really been putting this off too until recently. Thanks Kristen!


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