Novel Planning With Pinterest

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Novel Planning With Pinterest

Novel Planning With Pinterest

Whether you’re just plotting your first novel, in the midst of writing it, or if you’re gearing up for NaNoWriMo, Pinterest is a great tool to plan your novel. In case you’re unfamiliar, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows for sharing and organizing of the things you find online. You can create boards with specific themes to them.

For example, on Pen & Muse’s Pinterest we have a ton of different types of boards. Though ours is fairly new, we’ve still started creating board of things that inspire us or keep our author journey in forward motion. There are several boards, but a few of them are Writing Quotes, Great Books!, Literary Lovers, Social Media, Marketing, and Literary Tattoos. You don’t have to just stop at things that inspire you. You can delve even deeper.

by Tera Lynn ChildsOne of my favorite uses for Pinterest, is to plan out your novel’s characters. You can create a board for your novel devoted specifically to the characters and what they look like. That way you can stay on course while you write or your audience can check it out and picture what you’ve been imagining as they read your book.

For example, author Tera Lynn Childs has a Pinterest. She’s published several novels and uses this technique to keep inspired while writing. You can see her pinboards here. For her mermaid series, she’s created a Fin-Week Pinboard to inspire her writing. In it she has pinned pictures not only of the people who would play her characters (Taylor Swift is one), but also what she thinks mermaid makeup looks like, mermaid hair looks like, and even a merman! If she gets stuck or needs inspiration, all that needs to be done is to open this board and voila! She has an entire pinboard to inspire her thoughts and her novel!

Or, if you want to dig even deeper than casting people in your novel, you can make separate pinboards for each character in the story. That way, you can really get inside of your protagonists/supporting character’s heads and post everything about them: clothes, love interests, dreams, fears, favorite cereal, favorite lipstick, etc.

But it doesn’t have to stop there! If your novel takes place in a country, season, or a fake city that you want to create and capture in one place, have at it! That’s the beauty of Pinterest. You have control over the mood or feeling of what you’re creating and you can make your inspiration boards anything that you want to.

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Especially with NaNoWriMo around the corner, I really recommend doing this for the story that you’re about to start writing. Why? Because when you’re jamming out 50,000 words in 30 days, there may be a few days in there where you’re not sure where you’re headed. Or maybe you can’t decide what your hero would decide to do in a specific situation. These boards are a fun and creative way to stay on track and beat writer’s block. A look or two at a full inspiration board for your story and you’re bound to stay on track. Did I mention, it’s also ridiculously fun?

Give it a try! We’d love to see what planning you’ve done for your novel here at Pen & Muse. If you make an inspiration board for your novel, please link it in the comments below. We would love to see what you imagine and what you’re about to create!

Keep calm and Pinterest on,

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  1. Great advice Jolene! This is definitely something I want to try out for some of my future WIPs.

    • Thanks Kristen! It’s definitely ridiculously fun!


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