Pen & Muse Haunt: Phantom Limb by Ryan Bartlett

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Pen & Muse Haunt: Phantom Limb by Ryan Bartlett

Boys and Ghouls!

Welcome to the Pen & Muse Haunt!

The Haunted House looms before you, threatening to swallow you up. It’s larger up close, isn’t it? You know that you shouldn’t really be here. In fact, now that you’re here, you want to leave.


But you chose to come inside. Even though you knew something felt a little off. All you can really do now is try…try to stay alive.

You can see the live list of participants and their post dates on this link.

Good luck. You’ll need it. Muahahahahaha!



Phantom Limb

by Ryan Bartlett


Title: Phantom Limb


Size: 12″ x 18″


Media: charcoal


Ryan BartlettRyan Bartlett is an artist based out of Orange, California who specializes in detailed works done in charcoal and mixed media.

Ryan has participated in previous Pen & Muse showcases and you may find them here (The Dark Carnival) and here (12 Days of Christmas). He will also be a featured artist at HorrorCon International.

For shows, commissions, or other inquiries, private message or email ryanbartlettart at yahoo dot com.



  1. Beautifully rendered! Fine detail work. I especially like the musculature work. You should illustrate children’s books. Good luck : )

  2. Fabulously creepy!

  3. Dude, love it!

  4. That was so pretty! Yes, I’m strange that way.

  5. Thank you all for the nice comments. They are very appreciated.

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