Pen & Muse Press Summer School 2014 Syllabus

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Pen & Muse Press Summer School 2014 Syllabus

Welcome to the Pen & Muse Press Annual Summer school!

We’re here during the summer month of August to teach writers about their craft. We’ll be covering everything from writing to editing to marketing! You can spy last year’s lineup here as well as go through all of those courses.

This year is so exciting because of new categories, but we’ve got a more diverse lineup consisting of agents, editors, writers, and more.

Pen & Muse Press Summer School 2014 Schedule:

Alternative Types of Writing – Week 1

The Artistry of Noveling – Week 2

Editing and Formatting Wizardry – Week 3

The Artistry of Marketing – Week 4

Syllabus and Contributors

Alternative Types of Writing

Though noveling is a large part of what us authors do, there are many other forms of writing out there that can be just as successful and rewarding. Our experts are here to share alternative types of writing with you and help share how-to for when you’re ready to embark on a new writing journey.

So You Wanna Make a Webcomic by Ron Tucker

Writing Serials by Jinsey Reese

Screenwriting by Tellulah Darling

Freebie: What the hell is a Blovel? (and worksheet to start your own) by Jolene Haley


The Artistry of Noveling

What makes a novel? We’ll introduce you to tricks and tips, important concepts, and key tools to successfully write a novel. It doesn’t matter if you’re on your first page or your third novel, we are here to help you plot, plan, and successfully finish!

5 Improv Theater Lessons for Characterization by Jennifer Brinkmeyer

Craft Your Way – With Layers, Without Rules by Jessica Park

How to Write Believable Characters by Julia Weber

Campfire Tales – a Unique Method for Encapsulating Your Story / Creating Your Synopsis by Eddie Louise

Keeping Art and Heart in the Market by Emily Murdoch

First Five Words – Getting Your Opening Up to Par by Riki Cleveland

Innovation in Writing by Amy Joy Lutchen

Creating 3 Dimensional Characters by Rebecca Rogers


Editing and Formatting Wizardry

Editing and formatting don’t have to be a web of confusion. Whether you are nearing the end of your novel, are stuck editing a manuscript, or you’re not exactly sure what you need to do to edit your manuscript, we are here to help! Every finished book MUST be edited in order to shine. Our experts are here to help you navigate any novel and aid you to edit like a wizard!

To Scrivener or Not to Scrivener by Sam Hager

Copy Editing Wizardry Tricks by Helen Boswell

Formatting Tips & Tricks by Amy Kessler

How to Do Line Editing (The Six People You Need To Be When Line Editing Your Novel)  by JC Lillis

Revision Tips by Kate Brauning

How To Trim Words From Your Manuscript by Janice Hardy

Freebie: Scrivener Plotting Template by Kristen Jett


The Artistry of Marketing

Many authors argue that marketing is one of the toughest things about being an author. But it doesn’t have to be confusing. Learn how to market yourself as an author, market your novels, establish a target audience, and network to your advantage.

Social Media Marketing Etiquette by Sarah Raasch

What an Acquisitions Editor Looks For in a Pitch by Marisa Fuller

The Importance of Having a Good Website (and What You Should Have On It) by Tyler Snell

Freebie:  Author Website Checklist by Kristen Jett


How do you participate?

Read the blog posts and dare to learn something new about writing, marketing, editing, and your craft! Got questions? Ask them in the comments portion of each post. Enjoy Pen & Muse’s Summer School.

Thank You

Pen & Muse Press Summer School wouldn’t be possible without each and every contributor, who is willing to donate their time to help writers around the world. Thank you SO much. And a huge thank you to Jessi Shakarian and Jamie Adams who helped behind the scenes make this something real.

The first course will be up tomorrow and we can’t wait for you to read it!

Keep calm and learn on,

Kristen Jett, Kristen Jett author, KristenJett, @KristenJett & Jolene Haley, Jolene Haley, @JoleneHaley

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