What is #PitMad?

First off, if you don’t already follow Brenda Drake, you need to. She is brilliant!!! She is a middle grade and young adult writer who also happens to be a fantastic literary resource and organizer of amazing writerly contests. Recently, she hosted Pitch Wars over at the YA Misfit’s website  where certain writers were selected and mentored to get their pitches and manuscripts ready for agents. So if you’re reading this Brenda, thank you SO much for everything you do!

For those not chosen or anyone who desires, Brenda Drake is also hosting #PitMad over on Twitter today. What is #PitMad?  #PitMad is a twitter pitch party that uses the hashtag #PitMad. You pitch your book in less than 140 characters (not easy, but it’s fun to be creative) and agents stop by to peek.

Normally, if an agent or editor likes your pitch they will favorite it, meaning they would like to see more. Check out their twitter feeds to see what they’re looking for. Normally the agent or editor will tweet something earlier saying, “If I like your twitter pitch, send me the query and first ten pages” or whatever it is that they would like to see.

Agents can also @ reply to you and tell you exactly what they want from you. It varies per person. Don’t forget to check the feed too. Some agents will post things like, “if it’s a contemporary YA novel about dinosaurs” please pitch it directly to me.” Pay attention. You never know what agents or editors may be looking for.

And please,  for the sake of writerly love, do not forget to root for your fellow writers. Offer them encouragement! We’re all in the trenches together. If things don’t work out today, remember Pitch Madness is coming up again in March! We’ll keep you informed!

There’s still time today to get your #PitMad pitch in!

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