Query Muse and Turn the Page

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Query Muse and Turn the Page

When Kristen and I originally started Pen & Muse, our goal is (and has always been) to help writers. It’s that simple. Which is why I spend hours out of my week to write helpful blog posts, contacting guest posters and more. I want to help you. I want you to succeed.

Earlier this week I wrote a Peptalk called Don’t Give Up. Check it out if you’re a writer or if you’re someone who has ever considered giving up on a dream. I know I have.

With that peptalk in mind, I’ve been wanting to roll out two FREE author services for a while and I think this is the perfect opportunity. Here are two more resources for writers to get feedback, offered completely free from moi!


Since Pen and Muse is devoted to writers of all types and genres, I present to you two new weekly posts features run by yours truly.


World, meet Turn the Page & Query Muse!


Every week, on FRIDAY, I will be featuring either Turn the Page or Query Helper.

What are these magical things? Glad you asked! Let me tell you.


Turn the Page

Details: Not sure if your first page is ready? Want honest feedback on your manuscript? As you know, an enticing first page is SO important when you’re submitting your work to be published. A sub-par first page can be the reason that an agent rejects your manuscript. Send me the first page (not middle, not end, not something else) from your manuscript and I will tell you, based off the first page, if I would turn the page to keep reading.

Our readers will also be able to provide feedback on the first page and let you know what they think. All genres, all writers welcome, as long as it isn’t creepy / inappropriate. Name, title, genre and first page will be posted unless submitter asks us to not disclose the author name. All submissions will remain in the queue in order of receipt unless you ask us to delete your submission. You will be notified when yours is selected.

Submit your work to Turn the Page



Query Muse

Details: A good query letter can be hard to come by! I know. I used to sift through slush when I worked for a publishing house. That’s why I’m here to help you make it great! Send in your query to Pen and Muse and I’ll give you my opinion and feedback on how to make it better. Readers will also be able to comment and give advice as well in the comments. Author and book details will be posted along with query unless you ask us not to. Each submission will remain in the queue and reviewed in the order it was received. You will be notified when yours is selected.

Submit your work to Query Muse


A few more things…

If you want to be featured in either column fill out the form for Turn the Page or Query Muse, fill out the fields completely, and wait patiently for yours to be selected. You may enter your work simultaneously for Query Muse and Turn the Page.

Yes, you may enter more than one project.

Submissions are reviewed in the order they are received. If you enter more than one project, I will give priority to first time submitters over your 2nd, 3rd, 4th submission.


Special Note: PLEASE do not submit your work until it’s at its best. Do NOT submit unless you are prepared to hear my 100% honest opinion. Opinions are subjective but as a writer myself, I get that you can get your feelings hurt. If you submit, be prepared to hear honest feedback which could be “This is the best thing ever!” or “This needs a lot of work to be great.”




Ask away in the comments below. Otherwise, I’ll begin the Turn the Page & Query Muse next week! Send me all your things! I can’t wait to read them.

Happy writing,

Jolene Haley, Jolene Haley, @JoleneHaley


  1. Turn the Page and Query Muse – wonderful! I’m looking forward to the response (s)

  2. Love this! You guys rock!

  3. This is great!!


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