So Long, Farewell…Until Fall 2016!

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So Long, Farewell…Until Fall 2016!

So long, farewell.

2015 was a crazy year. SO many firsts for me and so many bookish things happened in my life. I went to ALA. I released my first full length novel. I released another horror anthology. I wrote more than I ever have in my life on personal, collaborative, and fun projects. I read more than ever.

I have exciting news and details to come, I pinkie swear it!

Pen and Muse

As we kick off the new year, one thing became obvious to me…

With the release of my debut novel HARROWED, the release of my newest anthology HALLOWEEN NIGHT: TRICK OR TREAT, the announcement of my new call for subs for a YA pizza anthology (yes I’m serious because pizza), my lifestyle and body-positive blog the Shine Bright Gang debuting (you can download the first magazine for FREE here or read it on Issuu), and my ever amazing horror blog The Midnight Society growing leaps and bounds, I realized something…I need a break.

I want to be able to truly enjoy 2016 and get back to my roots, writing when and what I love, when I want to write it. Seriously, I am the worst at that. I hate saying no.

Sometimes, it’s hard for us writers to admit we need to step away from a project. Running Pen & Muse alone has been fun. Believe me. I love being able to do whatever I want and talk about writing and fun things. But it’s also been tiring.

So I’ll be taking a break until later in 2016, when I plan to come back refreshed and hopefully spilling over with good news and fresh new ideas, thoughts, experiences, and more.


I’m still ever-dedicated to you authors, future writers, editors, and publishing industry professionals and I’m thinking that 2016 just might be our most exciting year yet!

All of our writing articles and resources are still available to you.

I wish you the best year in the world and I’ll see you lovelies in the fall! Oh, and for you Camp NaNoWriMo-ers, I wish you the best of the holidays and if you are NaNo-ing like I am, I WISH YOU ALL THE WORDS.


I will be posting writing tips, talks, and tricks over at my personal blog or you can just say hi to me on Twitter or spy KJ at!

I love hearing from you amazing writers and readers, and I’m always happy to talk writing, pizza, and everything inbetween.


Jolene Haley, Jolene Haley, @JoleneHaley

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