WILD AT HEART by Jinsey Reese and Victoria Green

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WILD AT HEART by Jinsey Reese and Victoria Green

Well, well, well. If it isn’t my absolute favorite new novel series with a new release!

I know. I feel like I’ve been shouting about the Untamed series from rooftops, but let me tell you. It is fantastic! In case you need a reminder of how much I love it, I did a post on it here, and here, and here. Oh, and there may or may not have been a million tweets too.

Today at Pen & Muse, Kristen and I are slipping on our cowboy boots and doing a happy dance because we are SO excited that WILD AT HEART (Untamed #4) is out!

About Wild at Heart


*Warning… contains spoilers since this is #4 in the series*

With his dad hell-bent on destroying him, Dare’s life hangs in the balance. Fearing the worst, Reagan rushes from Paris to New York, hoping to get to him in time, only to find their entire world collapsing around them.

The threat is too real, risk too high, death too possible. Unfair doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Two wild hearts that belong together, trapped in a world trying to break them apart. But a love this strong has to survive…doesn’t it?

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And if that isn’t the bees knees, did you know that the first book in the series, Untamed, is completely FREE right now? Yep. You can get it here. I’ll be counting down the days until my birthday in August now, because book #5, REBEL ROUSED, comes out shortly before it on August 12th! Happy friggen birthday to me!

Happy Book Birthday Jinsey and Victoria! Congratulations on a most fantastic book series!

Jolene Haley, Jolene Haley, @JoleneHaley


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