Nanowrimo: Word Count worksheets

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Nanowrimo: Word Count worksheets

Are you NaNoing? Excellent – we’ve got some handy tools for you!

Not NaNoing? Well, you might be able to use these too – and if you don’t know what on earth I’m talking, go find out what NaNoWriMo is.

What’s the writing tool for today? A word count sheet! It’s easier to keep track of how close you are to 50,000 words if you know how many words you’re writing daily.

If you want to match our plotting worksheet, we’ve got a simple matching printable page (PDF) for you. Keep track of today’s date, your goal for the day, and what you actually achieved.

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If you want something more advanced, I’ve found some beautiful word count spreadsheets for you to try out!

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See how gorgeous that is? Sorry guys, Muse Kristen just does not have that kind of patience. Best part? Svenja Liv has two versions of that word count spreadsheet…and nine, that’s right nine other designs. I’m not even going to try to mess with that kind of perfection.  Which of these 2012 Nanowrimo word trackers by Svenja is your favorite? If I didn’t use Scrivener, that Stars one would be all mine. (Yes, I keep track of my words as I write my work in progresses. It helps me).


Keep on believing and writing!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE these. So pretty. I also use Scrivener, but I think I’m going to use one of these spreadsheets too! :)

  2. Thanks Kristen! For a permanent use, you can put it in a picture frame, and write on it with a dry-erase marker!


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